101 Reflections of Love: Embracing the Beauty and Wisdom of Islam

Reasons why we love Islam as a curriculum not just for spiritual religion
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In a world brimming with diverse beliefs and ideologies, my heart finds its peace and purpose in the embracing arms of Islam. This beautiful faith, often misunderstood and misrepresented, is a beacon of hope, love, and guidance in my life. Through its teachings, I have discovered not just a religion, but a way of living, a path to inner peace, and a roadmap to spiritual enlightenment.

In this personal account, I wish to share with you '100 Reflections of Love' – a series of insights into how Islam has touched and transformed my life, shaping my thoughts, actions, and worldview. From the profound teachings of the Quran to the exemplary Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS), each point is a testament to the wisdom, compassion, and depth of Islam. These reflections are my humble attempt to unveil the essence of a faith that teaches love, promotes peace, and instills virtue.

Whether you are a fellow Muslim seeking to reconnect with your faith, someone curious about Islam, or simply a seeker of truth and wisdom, I invite you to journey with me through these reflections. Let us explore together the rich tapestry of Islamic teachings and discover the countless ways in which this timeless faith continues to enrich the lives of millions around the globe.



  1. Islam guides me to my life's purpose, my role in the universe, and my reason for existence.
  2. Islam teaches me about the oneness of Allah, who loves me immensely, and shows me the path towards Paradise.
  3. Through Islam, I've come to know Allah, whose mercy is revealed to me in the Quran and Sunnah.
  4. Islam instills in me the virtue of truthfulness in a world full of falsehoods.
  5. Islam advises me to speak wisely or remain silent.
  6. Islam encourages me to prioritize the needs of others, promising rewards in both this life and the hereafter.
  7. Islam emphasizes sincerity in all my words and actions.
  8. Islam teaches me to consider and respect the feelings of others.
  9. Islam guides me to honor the elderly, recognizing the importance of care in the community.
  10. Islam instructs me to treat my mother with utmost respect for her sacrifices.
  11. Islam directs me to respect my hardworking father and appreciate his efforts.
  12. Islam teaches me kindness and forgiveness, turning foes into friends as guided by the Quran.
  13. encourages me to be grateful, especially for the Quran's guidance.
  14. Advises against judgment and generalizations, reminding me that only Allah knows what's in hearts.
  15. Emphasizes the importance of personal and family health.
  16. Steers me away from harmful substances, advocating for strength and wisdom.
  17. Motivates me to do good, teaching that even the smallest deeds can lead to Paradise.
  18. Encourages spreading peace to everyone, known or unknown.
  19. Teaches me to cherish and not take for granted life's blessings like family and wealth.
  20. Guides me to show love and kindness to the young.
  21. Promotes freedom of choice and discourages coercion.
  22. Teaches humility and equality, seeing all as equals.
  23. Fosters universal love, for believers and non-believers alike.
  24. Sees all as equal in Allah's eyes, teaching me to do the same.
  25. Advocates against judging by physical appearances.
  26. Encourages forgiveness and guidance for others.
  27. Assures forgiveness for sincere repentance from forgetful sins.
  28. Islam encourages bringing joy to those around me.
  29. Teaches extending friendship to all.
  30. Inspires exploration and knowledge-seeking about Allah's creation.
  31. Teaches appreciation of the world within Allah's limits.
  32. Islam calls for kindness towards orphans and assuming responsibility for their welfare.
  33. Instructs against unlawful acquisition of others' belongings.
  34. Reminds us to always be mindful of the Creator.
  35. Emphasizes aiding those in need.
  36. Advocates for kindness to all living beings.
  37. Recognizes the unique qualities of both genders, without superiority.
  38. Promotes equality between daughters and sons.
  39. Teaches not to exploit others' vulnerabilities.
  40. Forbids interest, viewing it as exploitative.
  41. Condemns bribery in all forms.
  42. Promises Paradise for patience and good deeds.
  43. Teaches that Allah's justice will prevail over wrongdoers.
  44. Acknowledges the divine origin of all languages and their equal importance.
  45. Reveals that Allah knows me better than I know myself.
  46. Teaches that scholarly status does not equate to spiritual superiority.
  47. Clearly states the wrongness of theft.
  48. Instills gratitude for sustenance, reminding me of Allah's provision.
  49. Encourages thanking Allah for each sneeze, a sign of our fragility.
  50. Makes me grateful for every breath, a mercy of Allah's intricate design.
  51. Islam inspires me to focus on the less fortunate rather than envy the wealthy, fostering gratitude.
  52. Islam teaches that sincere repentance from a non-believer can transform sins into good deeds.
  53. Islam guides me to control anger for my own benefit.
  54. Islam emphasizes that even small acts of kindness, like a smile, are considered charity.
  55. Islam encourages me to be kind in my words, actions, and expressions.
  56. Islam advises against backbiting and slander.
  57. Ensures that everything happens for a good reason.
  58. Emphasizes earning money through lawful means.
  59. Teaches me our need for Allah and the importance of doing good for our own benefit.
  60. Encourages giving charity discreetly to please Allah and help others.
  61. Teaches me to respect educators for their knowledge.
  62. Guides me to practice modesty and avoid inappropriate gazing.
  63. Islam encourages women to dress modestly, protecting their dignity.
  64. Islam values attracting others through goodness rather than appearance.
  65. Islam focuses on touching hearts rather than just impressing minds.
  66. Islam places a higher value on inner beauty over outward appearance.
  67. Islam promotes modesty as a form of beauty.
  68. Teaches that derogating others' appearances is an insult to their Creator.
  69. Discourages abusive language and promotes kindness in speech.
  70. Emphasizes the importance of intentions behind actions.
  71. Instructs us to respect and not judge widows and divorcees.
  72. Teaches me to respect differing opinions and avoid tyranny.
  73. Fasting in Ramadan teaches gratitude and empathy for the less fortunate.
  74. Islam reminds me that with every difficulty comes ease (Quran 94:5-6).
  75. Encourages seeking help through patience and prayer (Quran 2:153).
  76. Promises help from unexpected sources for those who fear Allah (Quran 65:2-3).
  77. Teaches that what we dislike might be good for us (Quran 2:216).
  78. Stresses the importance of not betraying trust.
  79. Allows me to directly ask Allah for my needs.
  80. Teaches that cleanliness is a significant part of faith.
  81. Reminds me that showing love and affection should not hurt my pride.
  82. Considers even small acts like removing a road hazard as charitable.
  83. Promotes balancing altruism with self-care.
  84. Islam acknowledges human imperfection, valuing sincerity over perfection.
  85. Teaches us to avoid causing terror and harming others.
  86. Islam values simple explanations, and respecting diverse understandings.
  87. Reminds me that Allah's constant watch helps me avoid sin.
  88. Islam offers the Quran and the Prophet's life as guides for living.
  89. Constantly reminds me of Allah's undeserved gifts.
  90. Teaches that minor sins are forgiven through good deeds.
  91. Islam shows that miracles like the Quran can be experienced through hearing.
  92. Islam emphasizes life as a test, with results manifesting on Judgment Day.
  93. Waking up each morning is a reminder of Allah's mercy in Islam.
  94. Islam teaches us to value even challenging familial relationships.
  95. Islam discourages arrogance.
  96. Promotes wishing for others what we wish for ourselves.
  97. Islam equates killing one person to killing all humanity.
  98. Islam permits physical defense only in dire circumstances.
  99. The word 'Islam' itself embodies peace.
  100. Islam brings inner peace and contentment to my heart.
  101. Islam serves as a comprehensive life guide from our Creator.

These are just a few reasons why Islam is dear to me, highlighting its role in defining life's purpose through Quranic teachings and Sunnah. My intention is to clarify misconceptions and spread understanding. If there are errors, kindly correct me.

Jazakallah Khairun for reading.


QM Team