Why Many Russians & Ukrainians Revert to Islam and Marry Foreign Muslims??

Did you know? From Russian lady about Russian ladies. Many Russian & Ukrainian Revert to Islam and Marry Foreign Muslims??
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Katya Story​

A foreign Desire

It is no longer a secret that nowadays many women of different ages, especially from Russia, Ukraine, and CIS wish to get married to a foreigner. And this desire is underscored often by a misconception that life abroad -a life-dream, is a sort of fairytale that came true.

It takes its root from their social and economic culture and background, schooling, and peer pressure in the early '90s that in the western world. Despite this, many girls from the big cities such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg are rather reluctant to relocate to even far countries because the economy and lifestyle in Moscow are now very vibrant that even many European specialists go to Moscow - due to high salaries compared even to their highly developed countries.

Other preferred destinations, depending on their ethnic and religious background, are the East, Middle East, and Europe. 

But why do foreigners prefer to marry women from Russia and Ukraine? There are many reasons. But the main and the most essential reason - because it is the RUSSIAN & Ukrainian woman! And, as everybody knows, Russian women DO possess beauty, faithfulness, wisdom, understanding, and many other essential qualities that can mostly not easily be found in other women nowadays. Especially a wonderful almost unbelievable combination-bouquet of these positive qualities. Among which - that Russian woman will go after the man she loves - even to the edge of the world and don’t care about relocating. 

Her heart can't be ruled. The Heart of Russian and Ukrainian Muslim women controls their minds and their lives. And a Russian woman could fall in love with a foreigner. Which means she will have to be prepared to relocate and live in his country.

Did you know? From Russian lady about Russian ladies... 

Russians, in general, are very romantic, moreover, Muslims have fixed ethics to live more stable with their husbands even they reverted to Islam not born Muslims. When they have been convinced with Islamic Traditions and believe they discover the difference and they take root decision to revert and to build a new family.

On the other hand, maybe you have heard one story almost all of us were brought up with: a story about a naive young girl by the name of Assol. She decided that she will marry only the one who corresponds to her dream - that one day a kind, handsome prince of a wonderful nature will come from a far-away land, but not ordinarily, -he will come on a big RED ship. So she was waiting for such a person and people around were making fun of her. She lived in a small poor village and there were no foreigners around for ages.

However one day some person from another country came to this village, saw this girl Assol in the street, and fell in love with her from the very first sight. Then he began to ask people around who she was and on receiving a response that she is a very strange girl and that she would never accept his proposal as she is daydreaming about a prince in a Red Ship.

This is exactly what he did - he realized her dream by getting red silk for the ship and returned. No wonder, she immediately accepted him and all the people in that village began to believe in miracles. 

Maybe it sounds funny, but we were all (we are talking about Russian, also for Kazakhstan, etc) brought up with the idea that one day a prince from a fairytale will come into our life. And he will be the 'One' Almighty created for us. Very romantic, perhaps not too much in tune with our modern time but ...... I dare say, we are what we believe in and what we dream of. 

P.S. Regarding this story - nowadays even children are less romantic. But again in every country, it is different. In Russia, young ladies would still prefer ships with Red sails to a red sports car.

I specially reviewed that story to refresh my memory - the title of the ship was "SECRET" - again about Russian mystical soul, the name of the captain - Arthur Grey, by the way again typical Russian fairy-tale - originally he was a hardworking fellow on that ship, then after a few years he managed to buy the ship from its owner (so he was trustworthy and hardworking), and when he found out about Assol's dream he went to the far-away shop (bazaar) and bought 2 thousand meters of red silk material for that. He paid a higher price without even bargaining.

Again it shows how very non-materialistic that man was and his readiness to sacrifice etc.

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