Why Members Didn’t Respond to Messages?!

Reasons To prevent singles from responding messages. real situation from real people
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Exploring the problem:

So, you decide to explore the Internet to find a suitable site "Queen Muslima” for Muslims and communicate with members and they waited for proposals for marriage or Nikah...

@ Day two, three do not bite. Maybe something with the site? They didn’t reply to messages? What's the matter?!

Let's look at this situation, why don't you get the message and do not conduct correspondence.

Dating site for Single Muslims comes to the rescue especially those who converted to Islam, no one to help them not to select a suitable candidate, but simply do not have Muslims in their environment and not from anyone at all to choose from. 

Some Muslims have left their homelands in search of work and not come to a Muslim country, and they also have a problem with the choice of a partner especially for the difference in traditions and beliefs.

Some Muslims want a Wise Muslima (Wife) or a Responsible Muslim (Husband) from another country. Therefore, they come to a dating site in search of a partner.

So, you decide to explore the Internet, register, fill out somehow form, added some no picture and waited ... 

And what's going on? What do women do? They checked in and went to wait when they are someone will. Men do the same way. 

Members fill out their information written in the section of the profile. All went to wait for whom their interest profile or waiting to message her. Thus, any connection sides do not happen, because she is sitting and waiting for them someone is interested or to send any sign.

After this stay online dating both parties concluded that the Internet is impossible to meet! Sit here for years and have no results. 

Well, who actually sits on a dating site and is actively searching for? he is not particularly delayed. Well, these are sitting for years in search of the ideal partner. To each his own.

To find each other on a dating site, you need to actively learn, negotiate, to know each other, talk on Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook. if you have the opportunity to meet in real life. And it will agree, it is very, very hard work, which takes a lot of free time, which almost everyone is not enough. 

Well, if you set a goal to find your partner, you are sure to find it. 

What do I need? Yes, quite a bit. Write about yourself an interesting profile and make a good quality photo(s).  

Here's what to write about myself? Here, many fall into a complete stupor and eventually we read such profiles: currently not say about myself I can not write, ask me.

Is this profile maybe someone interested in?  EMPTY profiles with bad pictures or no PHOTO NOBODY is interested! On such profiles no one wants to waste their precious time, and so that no one is missing.

Well, you decide to spend your time and start dating a man who has a blank profile, he said ask me, and you asked him. He'll answer. You exchanged photos. 

In the end, it turns out that he is not suitable for you. This is not your style and you are not with the common interests. You spent a lot of time, waiting for an answer, worried because it is a very exciting process - dating online for marriage.

But if this man once wrote in his/her application form for a more complete information would add a good quality picture, you will not be wasted on this man's time, and would go on to look for, or vice versa, after reading this form, it would have interested and you would begin to communicate. You just have to respect each other and write about yourself for more information.

Is it difficult to write about yourself, about your character, what they say about your friends (ask them if you do not know), their habits, what you enjoy doing in your spare time, what is your education, what is your profession, where you and who live?, etc.. Is it possible that a man who lived in the world 25-30 years or more has nothing to say about yourself? Or are you embarrassed to talk about yourself?  

That's another problem.

Oppression. How to overcome it? It's very simple! It should be easy for yourself to understand one thing, if you come to our site in search of a partner for marriage, keep in mind that on our website "QM" each participant with the same goal as you! You do not ask the person on the street to marry me; girl, and the girl you married? Can I meet you? It is on a Muslim can go? Of course not. Especially because the woman has to be a guardian. It is not that simplifies the introduction and talks to you, our dear Muslim? 

Some women say to me: "I can not start dating first because I did not want to think badly of me?"   A woman can propose to take himself a wife righteous and good man, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.  REMEMBER? Khadija, through its representative, suggested that Muhammad (peace be upon him) marry her!

Meanwhile, life goes day after day, and you're waiting for? Well - it's your choice!

Especially at a time when others are actively acquainted, rewritten, marry, get married, have children, and you hesitate to start acquaintance with his blank profile information, sit back and complain about the fact that the Internet is impossible to meet.

Here on the QM site we try to apply strict rules especially for pictures to avoid bad manners and for sure blocking illegal pictures and fake ones

Whatever and however you think to build a new family!

This is your choice! And It just needs some trials and to be patient...


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