🌟 Dating Safety Tips & Tricks 🌟


Dear Queens and Kings, 👑

Welcome to the sanctuary where love meets wisdom! We're committed to ensuring that your journey towards finding a halal partner is not only magical but also safe. 🌹

So, here’s our handbook on staying secure online, optimized for halal dating and marriage. Let's dive in!

General Safety Tips 🛡️

1. Keep Personal Info Private

Protect personal information like your home address, workplace, or other identifying details.

2. Use In-App Communication Features 

Keep all conversations within Queen Muslima until you’re 100% comfortable and familiar with the other person. Our state-of-the-art messaging, voice, and video calls are encrypted for your safety.

3. Involve a Wali (Guardian)

In the tradition of Islamic courtship, the presence of a Wali, or guardian, is a key component that brings both honor and security to the pursuit of a marital partner. At Queen Muslima, we not only understand but also encourage the involvement of a Wali in your interactions on our platform.

Here’s how it adds to your safety and honors Islamic tradition:

  • Enhanced Security: A Wali acts as a vetting filter, ensuring that those expressing interest have sincere intentions. This traditional practice provides a safeguard against deceptive behavior, which is especially crucial in the digital realm where identities can be obscured.

  • Spiritual Integrity: Having a Wali aligns the matchmaking process with Islamic principles, ensuring that spiritual integrity is maintained. It’s a commitment to upholding the sacred nature of the matrimonial search.

  • Respectful Engagement: The presence of a Wali commands respect. It signals that the relationship is serious and that family involvement is integral, which can deter those not seeking a committed union.

  • Informed Decision-Making: A Wali often brings wisdom and experience to the table, providing valuable insights that can help in making informed decisions when considering potential matches.

  • Cultural Liaison: For reverts or those unfamiliar with certain cultural practices within the Muslim community, a Wali can serve as a bridge, offering guidance and facilitating better understanding.

At Queen Muslima, we provide the tools and features that allow you to seamlessly involve your Wali in your search for a partner. By integrating this element of Islamic etiquette, we strive to enhance the sense of dignity and safety for all our members.

4. Get Verified

Elevate your quest for companionship on Queen Muslima with our Verification Badge. By verifying your identity, you not only provide reassurance to fellow seekers but also gain a distinguished status within our community. Verified profiles are prioritized and showcased prominently, ensuring you stand out in the sea of searches, a beacon of trust and commitment.

This badge isn't just a symbol; it's a gateway to greater interactions and enhanced visibility. Your badge tells other members that you're genuine, which can lead to more meaningful connections. Plus, as a token of our appreciation for your commitment to authenticity, you'll be rewarded with Trex Coins. These coins are your key to unlocking exclusive features that can enrich your experience and propel your profile to new heights of engagement on Queen Muslima.

5. Use Trex Coins for Premium Features 

Step into a realm of exclusive privileges with Trex Coins, Queen Muslima's in-app currency designed to enhance your search for love. Trex Coins are your passport to premium features, allowing you to delve into advanced search options and elevate your profile's visibility—all while ensuring your financial privacy remains intact. Engage in the Queen Muslima experience with the confidence that comes from a system built on security and discretion.


Profile & Photo Safety 📷

1. Blur Image Feature:

Not ready for a full reveal? Blur your images to maintain privacy until you decide to share.


2. Completing Profile Info:

A complete profile with verified details adds credibility and helps you match with genuinely interested individuals.


3. Use Reviews 

    • Read: Go through reviews and ratings to gauge the authenticity and quality of profiles.
    • Write: Leave a review after interacting with a profile. Your input helps other members make wiser choices.

4. Verify the Location 

Use our in-built location verification feature to ensure that your match is where it claims to be.


5. Use Our Reporting Feature 🚨

Do not hesitate to report any suspicious activity or profiles. Your vigilance keeps the community safe.

Communication Safety 📞

    1. Report & Block: Don't hesitate to use the 'Report' feature for any suspicious activity or the 'Block' feature for anyone who violates our Community Guidelines.
    2. Safe Topics: Initially, keep conversations light and general. Avoid sharing deeply personal or financial information early on.


Financial Safety 💵

1. No Money Exchanges:  

Queen Muslima should never be used for financial transactions between members. If anyone asks for money or gifts, report them immediately.

2. Use Trex Coins: 

    • Use Trex Coins to send gifts as an icebreaker, but remember—sending or requesting money is a no-no.
    • These are the only acceptable form of 'currency' to be used within the app for unlocking premium features.

Emotional Safety 🌹

    1. Take Your Time: Love is patient. Get to know your match with meaningful conversations and shared experiences.

    2. Listen to Your Instincts: If something feels off, it probably is. Be cautious and seek advice from trusted family members or friends.


Community Safety 🌍

    1. Be Respectful and Honest:
      As you would in any community, uphold the principles of respect, honesty, and kindness.

    2. Be a Guide:
      As an experienced user, your reviews and reports can be invaluable for the newer members in navigating safely.

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Involving Authorities 🚔

    • In extreme cases, don't shy away from involving the law. QueenMuslima.com will fully cooperate in any investigation.


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By following these guidelines, you're contributing to a safer and wiser QueenMuslima community. You're not just another profile here; you're part of a movement towards a safer, more authentic, halal love experience.

Thank you for choosing Queen Muslima—where love and wisdom meet.

We hope these tips empower you to use Queen Muslima with confidence and peace of mind. After all, the journey to finding your soulmate should be filled with joy—not anxiety. 😊


Stay Safe, Stay Wise, and May You Find Your Perfect Match. 💖

Warmest Regards, 


The QM Team 🌹