Trex Coin: Revolutionizing Connections on Queen Muslima 🌟

Welcome to a community where every interaction is meaningful, and every activity is rewarded. At Queen Muslima, we're excited to introduce the Trex Coin – an innovative system designed to enrich your experience on our platform.

What is Trex Coin? 🪙

Trex Coin is our unique in-app currency that adds a gamified twist to your journey of finding love and companionship. It's not just a virtual currency; it's a way to make your interactions more engaging and meaningful.

Earning Trex Coins: The Fun Way! 💰

Our platform encourages active participation with Trex Coins. Here's how you can accumulate them:

    • Daily Login: Earn 5 Trex Coins simply by logging in each day. Regular visits mean regular rewards!
    • Completing Your Profile: Get a whopping 100 Trex Coins for filling out your profile completely, including uploading your image.
    • Verify Your ID: Earn 50 Trex Coins for verifying your identity, enhancing trust and safety on the platform.
    • Gaining a Badge: Each badge you earn gives you 20 Trex Coins. It’s recognition and reward rolled into one!
    • Receiving Likes: Each like on your profile earns you 1 Trex Coin. Feel the love and the rewards!
    • Invite Friends: Bring new users on board and earn 5 Trex Coins for each successful invitation.

Subscription Bonus: Trex Galore! 🎉

Subscribing to our plans not only unlocks exclusive features but also gives you a hefty bonus in Trex Coins:

    • Weekly Plan: Receive 500 Trex Coins
    • Monthly Plan: Get 2,200 Trex Coins
    • 3-Month Plan: A massive 7,000 Trex Coins
    • Yearly Plan: An incredible 30,000 Trex Coins

Buy Trex Packages 🛒

Need more Trex Coins? Purchase them directly:

    • 1,000 Trex = $12
    • 5,000 Trex = $55
    • 10,000 Trex = $100

Using Your Trex Coins 💌

Spend your Trex Coins on meaningful connections:

    • Initiate a Message: Reach out to someone special for 50 Trex Coins.
    • Reveal an Image: Use 10 Trex Coins to view an image, fostering a mutual connection based on consent.

The Trex Coin Policy 📜

    • Non-transferable: Trex Coins are for your use only on our platform.
    • No Real Money Value: They cannot be redeemed for cash but add immense value to your Queen Muslima experience.
    • Expiry: Trex Coins earned from activities expire but get renewed with your Pro membership. Purchased Trex expires a year after the last payment or upon membership renewal.
    • Privacy: Your Trex balance remains your secret; it's not visible to other users.

Why Trex Coin? 🌟

Trex Coin isn’t just about transactions; it’s about transforming how you connect. It’s an innovative approach to online matchmaking, making every interaction on our platform more thoughtful and rewarding.

With Trex Coin, we ensure that your journey on Queen Muslima is not just about finding a partner but about enjoying every step of the way. Ready to start earning and connecting? Let the fun begin! 🎉


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