🌟 Community Guidelines 🌟

Welcome, Queens and Kings, to QueenMuslima.com! 🌹 We're delighted to have you join us in an elite social network created for educated and wise individuals like yourself. Our platform is not just any run-of-the-mill service; we aim to revolutionize the online dating scene by emphasizing wisdom, transparency, and security. 👑

Why Choose Us? 🤔

We know you have choices, but we're confident that our unique blend of safety and quality connections sets us apart. More importantly, we deeply care about your experience and safety. Unlike other platforms, we're not just about swiping right or left; we're about finding your perfect match for a meaningful, lasting relationship. ❤️

Important Readings 📚

Our Community Guidelines work hand-in-hand with our Terms of Use. Together, they form the foundation of a respectable and safe environment. If you notice any violations, don't hesitate to report them. Your collaboration helps us maintain an environment where love and wisdom flourish.

Key Areas Covered 🎯

  • Transparency & Eligibility: Must be 18+ to use the services, with one account per person. Authenticity is not a luxury; it's a requirement.
  • Profile Uniqueness & Ownership: One unique profile per user. No selling or transferring allowed.
  • Profile Content: No fake stories, no politics, no hate speech. Keep it honest, keep it decent.
  • Photos: They Should represent you respectfully and must comply with our decency standards.
  • Communication: 
  • - Maintain decorum in interaction—both with customer service and other members.
  • - SafeTalk Images/Album: All users should utilize the SafeTalk Images/Album feature responsibly. Sharing inappropriate or explicit images will lead to immediate account termination.
  • Financial Safety: Love can't be bought. Report anyone soliciting money or financial details.
  • Monetary Transactions:
  • Trex Coins
  • Trex coins can be used to unlock Images, Videos SafeTalk Images/Album. The cost is 5-10 Trex per image/videos or 20-50 Trex for album access.
  • Harassment: Respect each other's boundaries.
  • Site Security: Guard your account as you would your heart.
  • Account Dormancy: Regularly show love to your profile to keep it active.

Words of Wisdom 🌱

🌸 Ladies, a heads up! If someone starts weaving a story to extract money, be wise; true love doesn’t start with a financial transaction. 🌸

🤝 Let's all do our part to make QueenMuslima.com a sanctuary of love and respect, not a marketplace of false hopes and fake profiles. 💕

🚨 Reporting Violations: Use our contact form or directly report from a user's profile. Be vigilant; your watchful eye makes this a safer space for everyone.

📘 More Details for the Diligent For the comprehensive rules and regulations, visit our Terms of Use and Privacy Statement. For safety tips, check our Online Safety Tips.

Remember, Queen Muslima is not just another service; it's a community striving for Respect, Wisdom, and Halal Marriage. 💖🦉

Thank you for choosing QM—where singles meet. ✨So, what are you waiting for? 

Make Queen Muslima your ultimate choice for seeking love, wisdom, and a lifetime of happiness.

Join us now, as we set a new standard in the realm of online matchmaking for muslims. 🌹

With love and wisdom,

Your QM Team 🌹